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Demag Pendant Stations:

  • DST control pendants are used for controlling materials handling installations with several drive functions in your applications.

  • DSE multi-button control pendants are used for the manual control of machinery by means of contactors or frequency inverters and, more particularly, for controlling hoists and overhead traveling handling equipment from the floor. Various control switch combinations can be implemented using single or double-pressure or infinitely variable switching element types. All drives are controlled indirectly via contactors or frequency inverters in the auxiliary circuit.

  • Manually actuated DSK control pendants are used for contactor controls for machinery, however, preferably for the control of hoists and conveying systems from the ground in your applications.

Duct-O-Wire Pendant Stations - Duct-O-Wire has the most complete line of pendant stations in the industry. They offer a variety of pendants ranging from small and ergonomic two button enclosures to multi-function and severe environment application solutions.

  • L Series

  • PPS Series

  • J Series

  • RPB Series

  • RPS Series

  • PSW Series

  • K Series

  • Square D Series

Radio Remote Controls - Wherever you use radio control systems to control cranes, hoists, machinery and installations, you benefit from much greater flexibility than with wire-connected controls. Worker safety is greatly increased, as the operator can remain at a safe distance away from the moving load and functions can be easily customized to suit your individual requirements.

If you’re interested in having a radio control installed on your equipment, Precision Crane can help!

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