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Daily Inspections

Crane safety starts with the operator. Periodic maintenance and safety inspections from Precision Crane will help to prevent breakdowns and alleviate safety concerns, but it is the due diligence of the operator that will best ensure the safety of himself and that of his fellow co-workers.

Download our Pre-Shift Safety Inspection Checklist

Precision Crane’s Preventative Maintenance Inspections meet and exceed both WorkSafeBC and CSA requirements.

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspections are among the most comprehensive and thorough crane service programs. Our fully qualified crane technicians will complete a detailed inspection of your equipment locating potential safety issues, while simultaneously performing a series of maintenance tasks designed to prevent possible breakdowns and failures in the near future. The primary objective of our Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) is to increase your workplace safety and productivity, while decreasing crane-related costs and downtime. Maintenance and annual inspections are required by both WorkSafeBC and CSA. Detailed Service & Inspection Reports, along with a quote itemizing any recommended repairs are provided to the customer after each PMI is completed.

The following is a list of common points of inspection included with every Precision Crane Preventative Maintenance Inspection.

Hoist and Trolley

Hoist Lift

Wire Rope Condition

Upper Limit Stop

Load Chain Condition

Hoist Lower

Bottom Block or Load Assembly

Lower Limit Stop

Hoist Electrical

Hoist Motor(s)

Trolley Travel Right and Left

Hoist Brake(s)

Trolley Wheel Condition

Rope Guide Assembly

Trolley Motor Brake


Bridge Travel Forward

Power Supply

Bridge Travel Reverse

Collectors (Brushes, etc.)

Bridge Motor Brakes

Crane Electrical (Contactors, Relays, Connections, etc.)

Bridge Wheel Condition

Lubrication Where Applicable

Sliding Control Assembly

Clutch Assembly

Bridge Conductor Assembly

General Condition

Bridge Collector Arm Assembly

Mechanical Condition

Pendant Station & Cable Condition

Electrical Condition

*Please note that not all items listed above are applicable to all types and makes of equipment. Further, additional items that are not listed above may be included, as determined by the type / make and / or the specific application of the equipment being inspected.

Precision Crane’s Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program combines WorkSafeBC & CSA safety requirements with a wide array of thorough maintenance tasks:

  • Lubrication and adjustment of all mechanical parts such as brakes and limit switches

  • Inspection of sheaves and bearings

  • Inspection and tightening of electrical connections

  • Inspection of wire ropes or hoist chain

  • Inspection of hooks for cracks, wear and latch operation

  • Testing of all operation functions

Please contact our service department for more information or to schedule your Preventative Maintenance Inspection.

Need Help? Our Support team is here

Our in-house support team is also always available to provide you with the technical expertise you require to keep your equipment up and running. Problem, question or concern…we’re here to help!