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Hydraulic Power Units

Power Unit

BRELX Brakes are designed as a spring set and hydraulically released. Power Units are configured to operate the brake cylinders by providing hydraulic pressure and flow. They are typically non-constant running braking system, providing low maintenance and low energy use, for the following BRELX and other manufacturers’ applications:

  • Rail Clamps

  • Rail Brakes

  • Wheel Brakes

  • Industrial Brakes


Hydraulic Power Units are available for:

  • Internal mounting (within the brake housing)

  • External mounting (within the proximity of the brake it operates)


Each unit is designed for ease of parts access for inspections and maintenance. The hydraulic power unit offers the following:

  • A robust design ensures reliable performance

  • Full stainless steel enclosure for the complete power unit, including hydraulic tank (External HPU model)

  • Manual override screw type solenoid valves which allows for hydraulic isolation

  • A hand pump for manual release operation


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