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Hydraulic Power Units - Special

BRELX Hydraulic Power Units for Special Applications

With many years of experience in the field, our team of engineers is capable of designing customized power units to operate BRELX or other manufacturers’ equipment and meet and exceed customers’ expectations.


Power Unit with Automatic and Local Control

HPU-DRBHJ specially designed to operate DRBH-J model of Dynamic Rail Brakes with capability to jack one corner of the crane for a wheel replacement. Each Rail Brake has its own Power Unit for customized operation.

The storm brake system is designed to give the operator automatic control of all brakes from the operators cab (push button box supplied) and also local control at each brake. Each power unit has two solenoids for releasing and jacking respectively as well as individual hydraulic pumps for each function. In each power unit, there are Local jacking controls to raise and lower controls for each brake as well as a set and release button in the operators cab to control all brakes at once. The HPU pumps are hardwired with pressure, level and temperature switches to prevent the motor from running too long or in the event of a fault condition. The operator has indication in the operator cab when each brake has been released or set.

Each brake can be placed into three different modes, Operator, Jack or Local. These modes can be selected using the brake’s selector switch located in the junction box on the power unit. In addition, there is another selector switch located in the PLC panel for auto or override modes.

An override selector switch located in the PLC cabinet is for maintenance or troubleshooting (override mode) which will bypass the GPS signal. The Auto mode will set the brakes when outside limits or after no motion for a period of time.


HPU for very aggressive environment

Power unit designed to operate in potash handling facility where the air is saturated with sulphur particles which contaminate hydraulic oil during the braking process. Fluid contamination can lead to high maintenance costs and downtime in hydraulic systems. BRELX engineers have designed special power unit with reservoir isolator to provide protection against the ingestion of airborne contaminants such as dust, chemicals, and water vapor – into your hydraulic system though the reservoirs breather vent. Power unit was contained in a Nema 4x sealed Stainless steel enclosure for additional corrosion protection.


Hydraulic Power unit WB-RB -HPU to release wheel brake – rail brake system

Special design Power Unit to operate Wheel Brake and Rail Brakes mounted on a Ship-To-Shore crane. In addition to the quality CSA / UL approved components, power unit is equipped with large accumulator for fast rail brakes and wheel brakes release time.



Need Help? Our Support team is here

Our knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist you with selection of our reliable Storm Brake products and services for new and used applications. We are commited to providing the best start-to-finish assistance for new and existing customers and to advise on product solutions. Our qualified Service Technicians are available for quick service and support.