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Rail Clamps

Rail Clamp with internal power unit

Rail Clamps are Storm Brakes which are designed to apply (bite) on both sides of a rail. They are designed as a fail-safe brake and are spring set and hydraulically released. Spring force pushes levers with serrated shoes to the sides of a crane rail thus providing a friction forces which prevent a crane from uncontrolled moving along the rails in case of sudden bursts (micro burst) of wind.

Rail Clamps are vital for outdoor cranes, including Ship to Shore cranes, Automated Stacking Crane, Rail Mounted Gantry cranes, Shiploaders and other Rail mounted material handling equipment in order to prevent a crane runway incident from happening.

In general rail clamps ride above the rail with a guiding means being guide rollers, wheels or blocks which continually make contact with the rail. Until now this has been required to provide designed shoe to rail side clearance in order for brake shoes to make positive contact with the rail.  When crane comes to the full stop position the clamps are engaged. 

BRELX Rail Clamps are revolutionary designed to release and retract completely from the rail head.


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