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Wheel Brakes

Wheel brakes are storm brake devices used on container cranes, shiploaders and other rail mounted equipment where limited installation space is availbale. They are spring set and hydraulically released. Wheel brakes are mounted on the idler wheels of a crane. Oversized brake shoes with bonded friction material apply on the side flanges of an idler wheel providing a friction force and thus braking capacity. Designed as parking brakes, they can be also used as dynamic brakes in an emergency situation.



Wheel brakes are used as a supplement to the motor gantry brakes and are mounted on the idler wheels of a container crane. By applying a friction force on the wheel flange, they minimize the amount of strain and stress otherwise placed on sill beams and truck assemblies of the crane. A minimum braking torque is applied to hold the crane against the wind burst in conjunction with the existing gantry motor brakes. Wheel brakes must be carefully sized in order to prevent the skidding of the crane caused by too much torque applied on the side of the wheel.



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