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Rail Brakes

Rail Brakes Rail Brake


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Rail Brakes are Storm Brakes which provide braking force along the top of the rail. They are spring applied devices which force a hardened steel serrated shoe or friction material lined brake shoe against the rail. In turn, some of the of the crane weight is reduced on machine wheels. This can be an important factor when considering overall machine brake capacity. Actual braking force depends on the applied force and applicable coefficient of friction (different for static and dynamic braking).

Rail Brakes are spring set and HYDRAULICALLY OR ELECTRICALLY released. Once released, it hangs above the rail at predesigned clearance. Brake mounting clearance and the existing rail vertical deviation affects achievable braking force and the life span of the springs within the brake. 

Traditional practices in brake design dictate that shoe to rail clearance is limited and brake shoe travel is restricted in order to prolong the life of the springs.

New concept BRELX design and spring selection allows for unrestricted spring movement for greater rail height fluctuation, still ensuring long spring life. Self Adjusting Rail Brakes have a constant braking force over the ±19 mm allowable rail deviation.

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