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Rail Brakes - Self Adjusting

Introducing a Safer and Better Way for Rail Brakes to Work
Are your Rail Brakes producing the correct force on the rail? Be sure with our self adjusting rail brakes.

BRELX new RB-SA Series of Self Adjusting Rail Brakes were developed specifically to address problems with crane rail vertical fluctuations.  Rail height fluctuations are typically caused over time by settling and fatigue failures of the rail support foundations.  Rail height fluctuation has been a big problem for traditional rail brakes.  It has either caused the rail brake to impact the rail brake (high rail), causing damage to the rail brake, crane and rail; or it has resulted in such large gaps between the rail brake and the rail (low rail) that the brake no longer produces adequate force or capacity.

Our new rail brake solves this problem by permitting a large rail deviation while providing uniform capacity over the full range of movement.  Conventional spring set rail brake spring life is also shortened significantly by increased rail brake stroke.  That is why their operating range is typically limited.

It is very important to note that BRELX new rail brake, unlike thruster rail brakes or wheel chocks, is completely spring set.  That means that the forces applied to the rail are supplied, full force, by the springs.  This is NOT a self-actuating device, so the crane can be moved at any time in any direction without jockeying the crane to gain release.

This new rail brake works by using a patent pending, simple and very reliable mechanism to first adjust the rail brake to existing shoe-to-rail clearances; then apply the full load.  This action happens naturally as brake pressure reduces on brake setting command.  There are no extra hydraulic valves involved in the action.


Static models available:

  • SRB-150-SA capacity 150 kN
  • SRB-220-SA capacity 220 kN


Dynamic models available:

  • DRB-120 capacity 120 kN
  • DRB-180 capacity 176 kN


Some of the notable features of the new Model RB-SA Series of Self Adjusting Rail Brakes are as follows:

  • Compensates for up to 38 mm rail deviations with full rated capacity.
  • All components, including the hydraulic release cylinder are fully enclosed in a sealed housing, out of the elements.
  • All hydraulic components including the cylinder are fully serviceable without removing the rail brake.  Simply remove a cover and remove/replace.
  • NO RELEASE SHIMS:  The rail brake can be emergency released by three methods: Hydraulic hand pump in the HPU, by load removal screws and shoe removal, or by Enerpac and screws.  Load removal screws can also be used for caging.
  • Compact design fits most existing locations, even those with drop pins.  Low height allows retrofitting with adapter flanges.
  • Proximity switch for release indication.
  • Brake shoes easily removed and replaced.
  • Consistent spring stroke for longer spring life.



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