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                          LIMITED RAIL CLAMPS                             

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(View All Models of our LRC in the Technical Data Sheet Bellow)

LRC is guided by hardened steel guides along the rail.  Designed for cranes riding on a rail with minimum vertical fluctuations.

LRC Limited  Rail Clamps are designed  to clamp on both sides of a rail.

They are spring set and hydraulically OR electrically released.



• Ship to shore cranes

• Automated stacking cranes

• Wide Span Cranes

• Shiploaders

• Stacker Reclaimers

• Tripper Cars


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Our knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist you with selection of our reliable Storm Brake products and services for new and used applications. We are commited to providing the best start-to-finish assistance for new and existing customers and to advise on product solutions. Our qualified Service Technicians are available for quick service and support.